The Wave Organ is one of the finest spots in San Francisco.

At the end of the breakwater behind the St. Francis Yacht Club, the Wave Organ is an organic sort of assemblage of pipes and granite, pleasantly jumbled in and along the end of the spit. Long, curvaceous tubes extend below the tideline so the action of the waves and tides causes the water to whoosh and gurgle through the pipes in a truly enchanting manner. The pipes are curved and flare into smooth flanges where you can rest your head and listen to the slurp and fwap of the water below.

The Wave Organ is a fine place to sit and look, as well as to listen. The wave tubes come up through old cobblestones and granite pavers. The granite comes from the demolition of the old Laurel Hill cemetery, not far from the site. Carved pediments, scrollwork, railings and curbstones all mosaic-ed together into landings, benches, steps, and seats. The stonework manages to make the place feel both post-apocalyptic and classical all at once.

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