The Transformers Comics
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Title:         Man of Iron part 3&4
Issue:         34
Released:      November 1987
Pages:         22

Script:        Steve Parkhouse
Art:           Mike Collins
Letters:       Richard Starkings
Colorist:      Gina Hart (actually Nel Yomtov)
Editor:        Sheila Cranna
US Editor:     Don Daley
EditorInChief: Tom DeFalco
More amazing Marvel majesty!

The story continues as the young Sammy Harker is taken by Jazz into an Autobot shuttlecraft, where Optimus Prime informs him that the Man of Iron is actually a guardian sent along with a rescue craft to get the stranded Transformers out of Earth. The craft, buried under a castle, has been discovered and is being digged out by the UK military. The guardian awakens, as both Autobots and Decepticons arrive at the scene.

"The Decepticons would soon overrun this planet. Only we few stand in their way. We cannot leave." - Optimus Prime


  • Although the colouring is credited to Gina Hart, the colours were actually redone for the US release by Nel Yomtov. The same applies to issue 33.

Disclaimer: This is neither autonoded nor a cut'n'paste writeup. My sources for this writeup are the original magazine, a Nel Yomtov interview plus Google for the full UK artist names.

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