The Transformers Comics
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Title:         Funeral for a Friend!
Issue:         26
Released:      March 1987
Pages:         22

Writer:        Bob Budiansky
Penciler:      Don Perlin
Inker:         Brett Breeding
Letterer:      Janice Chiang
Colorist:      Nel Yomtov
Editor:        Don Daley
EditorInChief: Jim Shooter
Introducing: The Mechanic!
"No job too big.. or too small.."

While the Autobots are performing a funeral ceremony for the late Optimus Prime, Ratchet goes looking for spare parts in a junkyard. He runs into The Mechanic, a notorious car thief who makes Ratchet into his escape vehicle. After discovering their ride is more than an ambulance, The Mechanic and his parner follow Ratchet to the Ark in order to steal its weaponry. They set off the Ark's defense systems, making the returning Autobots fall right into an ambush.

"We're at war with the Decepticons. Casualties are inevitable. Optimus Prime knew the risks better than anyone." - First Aid

Disclaimer: This is neither autonoded nor a cut'n'paste writeup. My only source material are the original comics.

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