D - Tuesday a woman I have never met called looking for The Spreadsheet Girl. Apparently she had seen the spreadsheet I had done for a pharmacist I work with and he had told her what implementing my advice had meant for him financially. This woman had already emailed me a picture of her space and was willing to pay whatever it took to get a customized spreadsheet done for her.

I almost lost my job after the podiatry conference when I asked for commission on a deal I put together for another rep's pharmacy. They called to place an order for a pair of sandals at ten to nine and by two o'clock I had sold them almost a thousand dollars worth of socks, sandals, inserts and compression hosiery. Maybe I shouldn't have sent that email but I want compensation for the work I've done.

Wednesday I was talking to an account of mine. That kid is going places and knowing that someone else is collecting commission checks on deals I've worked out is not good for anyone. Having the same person in charge of inside and outside reps does not make sense if the manager is protecting one group at the expense of another. At the end of the conversation the pharmcist I had been speaking with said he hoped I'd be there next time he called.

People buy from me because I limit their risk and propose visual strategies they've seen work elsewhere. I arm them with expert product knowledge and I share a secret that I'll pass along - sales is primarily about attitude, if you can control that your upside is unlimited. There are tremendous opportunities up here and if I expect to actualize profits I'm going to have change my attitude pronto.

Wishing I was home again,


P.S. The meeting was awesome. Yesterday a pharmacist asked if he could consult me on merchandising plans for his stores. We stayed up until two in the morning tossing ideas around. Today we're meeting for lunch, it's Friday, I'm in love.

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