Comedy Band who sing parodies of pop songs, generally by Britpop and indie bands. Comprises DJs Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley (better known as Lard and former guitarist with The Fall).

Stemming from songs made for their BBC Radio 1 show, first the graveyard shift, then the breakfast show and now their current afternoon slot, Mark and Lard have released two albums to date.

Click the links to find out who they were parodying, if it's not obvious. I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, just increasing the validity of the write up.

Worst Album in the World Ever...EVER!

  1. The Shirehorses - (Now) I know (where I'm going) our kid
  2. Peeler Tater - Ta la
  3. Baby Bloke - You're gormless
  4. The Charley Twins - West country boy
  5. Dick Cave and the Bad Cheese - Hapless boy lard
  6. Doofergrass - Feel like shite
  7. Gazebo - Lardy boy
  8. Edwyn Bobbins - Girl like you
  9. Flush - Single bloke
  10. Moronico - Sha la la la tum tee tum
  11. Cheeper - Ugly bleeder
  12. Dick Cave and the Bad Cheese feat. Alan Bawl (no relation) - Ballad of Franny Lee
  13. Ra-gnomes - Joe's fucked off
  14. Alladin-ane - Bill oddity
  15. Frank Spenser Blues Explosion - Frank Spencer blues explosion
  16. Po Fasis - Cum on skweeze me boilz
  17. Baby Bloke - You're a bastard

Our Kid Eh

  1. Manic Street Sweepers - If You Tolerate This Piss
  2. Radioshed - No Big Sizes
  3. Robbie And William - Arseholes
  4. Chemical Toilet Bros vs Fatboy Slimfast
  5. Dave Lee Travisty - Why Is It Always Dairy Lea
  6. Dave Lee Travisty - Fucking Around
  7. The Indecipherable Boys - Pardon
  8. Status Quorn - Quorn Medley
  9. Foreplay - Bellow
  10. No Fasis - A Roll With This
  11. Mousse Tea - Horny
  12. Doofergrass - Feel Like Shite
  13. Blurb - Country Spouse
  14. M&M featuring Brido - Tony

Other tracks which made it to the radio but never to CD was Plums drop which parodied Hanson and Don't look at me whanger.

Although hilarious to fans of both their show and British music generally, you either love them or hate them, and it's a bit of an acquired taste. Just like Weird Al Yankovic, they also tend to ruin your favourite songs for you. Also spawned from the same radio programmes, check out Fat Harry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra.

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