The Second Jungle Book, written by Rudyard Kipling in 1895. The continued saga of Mowgli, plus a few other stories. See also The Jungle Book.

Table of Contents

How Fear Came
A Mowgli story. The story begins during a drought, during which the Water Truce was called. Then Hathi tells the story of the first days of the jungle, and the first death and the first killing and the first meeting of Man.
The Law of the Jungle
A translation into verse of a few of the laws of the jungle that apply to wolves.
The Miracle of Purun Bhagat
Not a Mowgli story. The story of Purun Dass, a high caste brahmin, and Purun Bhagat, a beggar and holy man.
A Song of Kabir
A short verse about The Miracle of Purun Bhagat
Letting in the Jungle
A Mowgli story, picking up just after Tiger! Tiger!. The man pack pisses off the jungle, and the jungle removes the man village. Completely.
Mowgli's Song against People
Just what the title says.
The Undertakers
Not a Mowgli story. About the jackals who are the undertakers of the jungle.
A Ripple Song
A short verse about The Undertakers.
The King's Ankus
A Mowgli story. Kaa and Mowgli take a bejeweled ankus from the White Cobra that guards an ancient treasure horde. Within a few hours, various men get ahold of it, always killing the one that had it before. Six men die before Mowgli brings it back to the White Cobra.
The Song of the Little Hunter
Verse about fear in the jungle.
Not a Mowgli story. This is a story of people in the arctic, a boy and his dog, their adventures and their fights against the elements.
Angutivaun Taina
A very free translation of the Song of the Returning Hunter, from Quiquern's people.
Red Dog
A Mowgli story. When the huge pack of wild dogs comes into your area, the only thing to do is run away. Under Mowgli's leadership, the pack is defeated with the help of Kaa, the black bees and the wolf pack. My personal favorite of the Mowgli stories.
Chil's Song
What Chil the Kite sang when the great fight against the Red Dogs was finished.
The Spring Running
A Mowgli story. Mowgli is about seventeen, and it is again The Time of New Talk (i.e. mating season). Although Mowgli has it all, he is discontent to the extent that he thinks he must have eaten poison. After many failed attempts to cheer himself up, the words of the wise of the jungle are shown to be true : Man goes to Man at the last.
The Outsong
This is the song that Mowgli heard behind him in the Jungle till he came to Messua's door again. One verse each from Baloo, Kaa and Bagheera, and one more from the three together.

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