The Resume Parser can be at best be described as an activity rather than a living being or for that matter any real entity. It was in essence an imaginary entity that emerged out of some wishful thinking somewhere in a place that closely resembled a brain, though whose brain it was is still a polemic in many a perspicacious minds.

The emergence was generally overlooked by the naked eye which did not take cognizance of the emergence as fast as the mind did when it was dulled by an effort which is known in most regions as 'tagging'. To be more specific, it was a case of SGML tagging which was and in fact has been by far the most dulling activity in the history of History. And although so far the one side of The Resume Parser has been described, it may be brought to the notice of the discerning mind of the reader that like most two sided entities on this planet in the solar system, The Resume Parser also had two sides, and at this point I digress only in order to state that the second side was in fact only a result of the first side which was always there in the first place. And so rejoining into the main topic, it may be stated (rather speculatively) that the second side started taking more of the resources that were available at the time, of which one of them was Time himself alongwith Mind.

So with more and more Time and Mind (hereafter refered to as simply 'The Resources' if and when desired to refer to together) devoted to activities subversive to the 'main cause'; which it may be restated was but ofcourse The Resume Parser; the second side began to develop more and more so much so that the subsistence of The Resume Parser itself was imperilled. The second side however ensured its existence inspite of The Resume Parser (of which it was a side in the second place) by in fact becoming the first side of The Next Activity which was indeed touted to be the next activity after The Resume Parser.

Here it is of some importance(to someone) to state that The Next Activity was very much unlike the first activity which ofcourse was The Resume Parser. For one it was a real entity. And it was true to Mind (or to the Mind it so appeared) and promised better utilization of Time of which it was consuming a lot already. A very welcome side effect of this was The Promise. The Promise was to yield a better, richer and in general more satisfying Future that lay ahead (at this point i again take your kind permission to digress to gloss over the fact that Future invariably always lay ahead, for some occult reason hitherto unexplored).

And so the inevitable happened, and The Resume Parser went into a humble dormancy, for that was the only other state it could be in it having being proved somewhere that The Resume Parser could never die, dormant it would be, as it was almost now, but die it wouldn't. For it would lie there, somewhere in wait of another Mind and at some other point of Time.

As far this case of this particular Mind is concerned and wrt to this Time, The Resume Parser was effectually effete. All the Hope and attention now has now been focussed on The Next Activity.

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