Pop punk legends The Queers have had only one steady member- Joe King, a.k.a. Joe Queer, but have steadily cranked out their variety of upbeat little tunes. They've found their niche: sounding like a cross between The Ramones and the Beach Boys. People who like Screeching Weasel also like The Queers. I have yet to find an exception to this rule.

The original lineup formed in 1981 or so in Portsmouth, MA, and consisted of Joe on guitar and lead vocals, Tulu on bass and vocals, and Wimpy on drums. In 1982 they did one 7", "Love Me", then Tulu moved to New York City. In 1984 they did another 7", "Kicked Out Of The Webelos", with their friend Keith. Then they broke up.


The band, and a few extra members, got together to do a live broadcast on WFMU. That lineup was: Joe Queer on guitar and vocals, Wimpy Rutherford on lead vocals, Harlan on guitar, and B-face on bass and vocals, and Hugh on drums. They did a quick set of classic Queers songs.

After this they did a couple of obscure EPs, and an album, "Grow Up", beginning the classic period of the Queers. Shortly thereafter Ben Weasel "discovered" them, and they were signed to Lookout! Records, beginning their non-stardom.

They released several albums on Lookout!, before everyone but Joe left the band and they went to Hopeless. B-Face joined the Groovie Ghoulies, and Hugh O'Neil got cancer, and had to retire from the biz. Soon after, Hugh died, and punk rock lost one of its finest drummers. The lineup since has been a revolving door of youngsters + Old Man Joe.

90% of the information which follows can be found in a very different form at www.thequeers.com (now at www.thequeers.net). Some dates were missing, is all, and I totally reformatted everything.



1990 Grow Up (Shakin' Street 010, 1990, Lookout, LK090).
1993 Love Songs For The Retarded(Lookout, LK066).
1994 Beat Off Lookout Records (Lookout, LK081)
1995 Shout at the Queers (666 pressed by Selfless Records(SFLS-28). From a show they did
opening for Slayer in
1995 Rocket to Russia (Selfless Records, SLFS 28-1)
Yes, it's a cover of the Ramones album. Part of a whole series. on Selfless.
1995 Move Back Home (Lookout, LK114).
1995 Suck This (Clearview Records, 1995) (live)
1996 A Day Late and a Dollar Short (Lookout LK130) Collection of older material.
1996 Don't Back Down (Lookout, LK140).
1998 Punk Rock Confidential (Hopeless Records, HR636-2).
1999 Later Days And Better Lays (Lookout Records, LK216). Outtakes.
2000 Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers Hopeless Records(HR643)
2001 Live in West Hollywood (Hopeless Records, HR658-2)
2002 Pleasant Screams (Lookout Records, LK270).

7"s and EPs

1982 Love Me EP 7" Doheny Records (E210X85)
1984 Kicked Out Of The Webelos EP 7" - Doheny Records (E404Y07)
A Proud Tradition 2x7" (Love Me EP and Kicked Out Of The Webelos reissues)
1992 Doheny Records (U33568M)
1993 Selfless Records (SFLS-21)
1993 Too Dumb To Quit EP 7" Doheny Records (U35835M)
1993 It's Not Our Fault 7" (same as Too Dumb To Quit, called It's Not My Fault because the
pressing plant put some jazz

band as the B side, 500 copies released on Selfless)
1993 Live In Chicago 7" VML (VML-002) (1500 on clear vinyl)
1995 V.M.Live - Fireside Bowl in Chicago VML (V.M.L. #1).
1995 Love Me/Louie Louie 7" (included with first 333 copies of the "Shout at the Queers")
1995 Surf Goddess 7"/CDEP Lookout (LK-108)
1995 My Old Man's A Fatso EP 7" Wound Up.
1995 Look Ma No Flannel! 7" - Clearview Records (CRVW-35)
1996 Bubblegum Dreams EP 7" - Lookout (LK-158)
1999 Everything's O.K. EP - Hopeless Records(HR631)
2000 The Sun Always Shines Around You CD single Hopeless Records
2001 Today (Hopeless)


Split 7" with Pink Lincolns - Just Add Water Records.
Split with Sinkhole "Love Ain't Punk" - Ringing Ear(RER 008)
Split with 88 Fingers Louie - Hopeless Records.
Blabbermouth is on Ben Weasel Presents Punk USA (Lookout)
From Your Boy is on Punk Uprisings- (Lookout)
I met her at the Rat is on Water Music- (Just Add Water Records)
Born to Do Dishes is on Dishwasher Music To Wash Vol.1 (SEVEN-O-TWO)
I met her at the Rat (live) is on The best Boston rock on WMBR (Pipeline!)
I Live This Life is on V/A - Blame and Burn - (Flush Records)
Surf Goddess is on Hang 10 (volume 1) 10" - (Shredder)
Get Over You is on Here Comes The Summer, Tribute to the Undertones
Janelle Janelle and Kicked Out of the Webelos are on Heidi Sez (Lookout)
This Sandal Shit is on The Last Great Thing You Did (Lookout)
The Kids Are Alright and This Sandal Shit are on Joe King Presents More Bounce to The Ounce (Lookout)
Don't Back Down is on Cinema Beer Nuts (Also available on video) (Hopeless Records)
Like A Parasite and Get A Life And Live It Loser are on Hopelessly Devoted To You Too (Hopeless Records)
Like A Parasite and Wasted Wishes are on Hopeless Sampler (sent out to some people on Hopeless mailing list)
Tamara's A Punk is on Serial Killer Compilation (Fearless Records)
I Hate Your Fuckin' Guts is on Short Music For Short People - (Fat Wreck Chords)
I'm Okay You're Fucked is on Psycho Sisters Soundtrack

The following people have been members of The Queers are one time or the other, or have played on a Queers album:

Joe Queer - Guitar/Vocals
Tulu - Drums
Wimpy - Vocals
B-Face - Bass/Vocals
Hugh O'Neill - Drums/Vocals
JJ Rassler - Guitar
Dangerous Dave - Drums
Chris Almighty - Guitar/Bass/Drums/Vocals
Dan Panic - Drums/Vocals
Dan Vapid - Guitar/Vocals
Evan Shore - Bass
Geoff Useless - Bass/Vocals
Jay - Drums
Justin Disease - Drums
Mighty Joe Vincent - Drums
Rick Respectable - Drums, Vocals
Steve Stress - Drums
Lisa Marr - Vocals

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