Update: The Queen Mum finally powered down on Saturday 30th March 2002 after an uptime of nearly 102 years.
100 years old? Yeah, right..

Look at the evidence:

  • Never speaks.
  • 'Hip replacements' in her 90s. She's obviously going in for upgrades.
  • Slightly scary and largely emotionless face.
I think she popped off in the early eighties, maybe around the same time and Charles and Di got married, and instead of facing all the embarrassment and losing this figurehead they called in Jim Henson and then.. West World time! Nothing too complicated; mobility capabilities (cunning use of stick/radio-receiver or golf caddy with recharging facility) the simple wave and that's about it!

I predict she'll either 'pass away' at a convenient point in time or will go haywire and take out a couple of race horses at Ascot.

Just found out Eddie Izzard makes a similar observation in his Glorious tour. The truth is coming out!

Actually, the Queen Mum is alive and well, though bearing a colostomy bag strapped underneath her gowns. Apparently she does away with a bottle of good Gin a day and owes some $6,000,000 to various lending institutions. She'll be 100 years old in August, pickled, and happy and has run up a bill you nor I could ever dream of. I can wave, you can wave, but apparently there's little as stirring as a wave from the Queen Mum. So let's just wave back and lift a toast.

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