The Pseudo Mass
Many people seldom see,
The true congregation.
Which follows rule since Moses stepped on the hill.
But now is changed since the council.

This new mass speaks in English tongue
And at the consecration,
No bells are rung.
Their priest do not wear real cassock,
All the changes are tragic.
Transubstansiation is dead],
Nothing happens to the bread,
They touch it with their hands.
Don't listen to [what the Pope demands.

This order is a mess.
You can wear casual dress.

Written by Conor Buckley

This poem doesn't contridict Roman Catholic Domga, as it is contridicts the Novus Ordo (New Order) which reformed the church completely destroying the mass. Although they believe 'Faith without works is dead', their works are unnecessary and useless.
The most I can do is tell you to read up on the Traditional Catholic religion for I know very little compared to the priests who can save your poor soul.

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