By The Pretenders
Track 2 on Pretenders (1980)

This track gives you a feeling of the dark side of the fast life that Chrissie Hynde sings about on this album. The idea (as explained by Chrissie on VH1 Storytellers) is that a friend/acquaintance's old boyfriend is coming back in town with malice in his heart, and Chrissie wants to help her get away, but can only do so with an anonymous phone call.

This is one of the songs Chrissie is proudest of. The song is in an odd 7/4 time signature, and timing of the bridge is so odd that Chrissie's words to the band were "memorize it." She also said she had to bring back drummer Martin Chambers, because he was the only one who could play this song right.

This song also appears on the MTV Unplugged-esque The Isle of View album.

The Phone Call (Chrissie Hynde)

The line breaks are mine

This is a mercy mission 
From a faceless messenger who don't wanna see you hit 
Here's the word
Listen to it 
Somebody that you used to know is back in town you better go

This is a mercy mission 
A voice you'll never hear again
From a South Side call box 
Winged demons are the hardest to outfox 
The same one you lost on the run gonna show you that it ain't no fun

You better get out of town you're gonna get hit 


I didn't mean to get you

This is a mercy mission 
You'll find your schedule underneath the door 
All of the arrangements have been made 
Major expenses have been paid as you know 
Don't forget the last details accept no parcels in the mail

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