The Passion of Darkly Moon

Released in 1995

Directed by Philip Ridley

Staring Brendan Fraserand Ashley Judd.

This is a fairly bizarre movie, best watched late at night out of curiosity. It's a mix of somewhat campy elements and fairly stark and striking imagery, which, depending on your preferences for movie watching, can either be a huge turn off or quite fascinating.

Fraser plays Darkly Moon, the son of two religious fanatics. The sole survivor of the car crash that kills his parents, Darkly is taken in by the inhabitants of a small town, several of which are embroiled in a fairly dark history.

Ashley Judd's character, Callie, lives with her mute boy friend, Clay, while Clay's mother lives in a trailer across the forest. As Darkly slowly begins to fall in love with Callie, he's also torn between the values pounded into him by his parents and what he sees before him; and haunted by visions of his parents, he begins to go mad.

You can see the ending from a mile off, but it's so visually stunning you watch it anyway. Fraser is really incredible in this film...he's not preppy, he's not funny, and but for the fact that he can never be anyone but himself in appearance, he's quite convincing...and frightening.

The kind of film to watch if you're in an art film mood.

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