and my last node
for SlightlyMadman, who lost his love for me

I feel like I'm on a sabbatical
but I'm tired now and I want to come home
Sometimes, I know, I'm too radical
but I don't want to be free alone

And you are stuck in a stagnant house
and I am gone on the wind

But a life without you is like Hell to me
Angel, please
Unlock your heart, and let me back in

Oh, the world has taught me so many things
but mostly it's shown me myself
And I see how my self-laothing ruins you
but I'm nursing my psyche to health

And you feed my soul and ignite my cunt
Gluttony and Lust, you know my favorite sins

But my life without you is eternally hungry
Angel, please
Unlock your heart, and let me back in

Everyone says that I'll never be satisfied
yes, I've come to believe that it's true
But I cling to the wishes that sate me
like to reach past my fantasies with you

And you're full of fear and uncertainty
but I've a river of resolve within

Unlock you heart
and let me back in

Angel, please
Unlock your heart
and let me back in.

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