The Offering: A semi-humorous attempt to reconcile Pandeism with Christianity. I intend to entertain and share an interesting idea, not to promote any theological viewpoint.
Wanting beings that knew themselves,
The Deus made a world
That lacked in spirits, sprites, and elves
Of ancient castles muraled.
And when they came about by chance,
The mighty Deus' goal,
One could not know of their conscience
Because they had no soul.
Their minds were born of self-reference
Only noticed as a whole.
The Deus knew not how they thought,
Though knowing every cell,
For the feeling that He sought
Could not be found as well
As those who live inside the brain
Have found it every day
And would not think the Deus sane
When thinking a different way.
How have such foolish thoughts remained
Until this very day?
For we are made of small things
And mostly empty space,
But going through a wall, things
Seem to be quite misplaced.
And we seem to have it in our heads,
As rightly well we should,
That causing people to be dead
Is not considered good.
But to a sun or giant red,
We will do as we would.
And yet, the Deus tried to prove
The world was made for us
And only were the wicked moved,
For the Deus they did trust.
The Deus's plan to evidence
Exactly who is saved
Tried inspiring confidence
Through death and men enslaved
And tried the Deus' relevance
By saying what can be shaved.
So, when they cried out to the Deus
And asked, "What have you done?"
He sought to never again betray us
And became a mother's son.
Though the Deus kept his power,
He sought a mental goal:
To know what makes us cheer and lour And what's felt inside the Whole.
So when He reached His final hour,
He gave to us a soul.

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