In Teletubby land, specifically in the tubby bunker, the living vacuum cleaner that dutifully cleans the bunker all day long. He wiggles his snout around, making sucking sounds and ridding the Tubbies of excess dirt.

In one of the most disturbing episodes of the Teletubbies, the Nuu-nuu went crazy and started vacuuming everything in sight, including Tinky-Winky's bag, Dipsy's hat, Laa-Laa's ball, and Po's scooter. But soon the Nuu-nuu became overfull, began to shake uncontrollably, and (presumably) vomited all over the Tubbies' house in a cloud of dust. At least the tubbies got their favourite things back.

I always feel sorry for the Nuu-nuu; he seems underappreciated. Despite the claim that "The Teletubbies love the Nuu-nuu very much!", they often ignore him. Laa-laa even once pushed him away when she was annoyed by him. Ah, the twisted, sad life of the Nuu-nuu...

Every student's dream, The Noo-Noo is a sentient vacuum cleaner that cleans up the Tubbytronic Superdome, home of the Teletubbies.

Noo-Noo is a blue cylinder vacuum cleaner with eyes, a 'trunk' with the furry circular vacuum attachment at the end, and occasionally a flashing orange light.

A typical day for Noo-Noo might involve cleaning up spilt Tubby Custard and left-over (or unguarded) Tubby Toast before running around the Superdome's inside central column chasing the Teletubbies.

Technically Noo-Noo appears to be remote controlled (though the trunk is clearly guided with strings).

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