The Minstrels of Mayhem NOW is the recoding that formally adds Craig Broers as a member of the Minstrels of Mayhem (ahem). The songs here are often classic or traditional songs that one can listen to again and again.

Of special note is Katie Sings. In this song, each individual sings the part of a different member of a town telling of the time of day when they can relax - miller, smith, and tinker. Following the verse, is a series of 'la's. No text can capture the notes that are sung. Finally, on the last verse, they all sing together, and each individual's 'la's are sung again, interweaving with each other. I highly recommend a chance to listen to these excellent musicians if you have the opportunity.

Personal favorites are marked in bold

  1. Johnny Jump Up -- Traditional
  2. Hey Ho -- Traditional
  3. She Sails -- Barry
  4. Lannigan's Ball -- Traditional
  5. Keno Blues -- Broers
  6. Wednesday Mourn -- Barry, Billings, Broers
  7. Katie Sings -- Billings
  8. John Barleycorn -- Traditional
  9. Blue Moon -- Billings
  10. Loch Tay Boat Song -- Traditional
  11. (pausa fermata) -- Broers
  12. Karubushka -- Traditional

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