A villain published by DC Comics. The Mad Hatter first appeared in Batman #49 in 1948.

Two different men have used the name the Mad Hatter. The first was electronics wizard Jervis Tetch. Tetch found a way to access different portions of the brains of his animal subjects, while making them highly prone to suggestion. Tetch's research was aided by his secretary Alice.

During his work, Tetch became obsessed with Alice, but she did not feel likewise, probably due to Tetch's small stature and uncanny resemblence to the Mad Hatter in the illustration of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Tetch made a last attempt at winning Alice's affection, by dressing as the Mad Hatter in an attempt to prove that he was more than he appeared. But as with all attempts to woo women dressed as other characters from children's literature, like Curious George, Mary Poppins, or Piglet, Tetch's efforts were not only rebuffed, but the word "restraining order" was bandied about.

Tetch decided to take on the issue directly, by kidnapping Alice and using his mind control chips concealed in a hat to force her to do his bidding. Tetch was captured by the Batman and since has been the mortal enemy of the Dark Knight.

During one stretch when Tetch was in jail, another man adopted the alias of the Mad Hatter. He clashed with Batman during that time in an attempt to steal Batman's cowl and was defeated by the Caped Crusader and sent to jail. He never reappeared and it has been hinted that he was killed by Tetch for using his identity.

On the 1960's Batman television series, the part of the Mad Hatter was played by actor David Wayne.

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