A cafe located in St. Louis in the universe Laurell K. Hamilton has created for Anita Blake. It is supposed to exist in U-City (University City, MO). It seems like a normal enough cafe, but it is run by lycanthropes, mostly one of the local werewolf packs. It also is home to one of their meeting rooms.

The Lunatic Cafe is also the tile of the fourth book in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. In this book Anita Blake and Richard Zeeman have started dating. Richard is a high school teacher, avid outdoorsman, and a werewolf. Jean-Claude still hasn't given up on Anita. He is still trying to court her, and undermine her and Richard's relationship. Jean-Claude you see is the Master Vampire of the City. Richard is no weakling either he is first in line for pack leader. The only thing stopping him from being pack leader is to become pack leader you must kill the previous pack leader and Richard refuses to kill. Anita's powers as a necromancer are also continuing to increase.

Marcus, the current pack leader, hires Anita to find out who is behind a rash of dissappearances of lycanthropes. Anita gets wrapped up in the world of lycanthropes this time. She begins to see parts of Richard's life she hasn't seen before. Edward also makes an appearance in this book.

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