In 1973, America was introduced to the Loud Family in PBS' groundbreaking reality show, An American Family.

In 2016, Nickelodeon introduced another family called Loud, but this family is animated!

The Loud House is an animated series that recently premeired on Nickelodeon.

The show follows Lincoln Loud, who is the only boy in a large family of 11 kids as he shares with us (the viewers) his everyday life of dealing with his 10 sisters and trying to keep his sanity in a house full of crazy girls.

The Sisters

rounding out the cast is Clyde, Lincoln's goofy best friend and Loud kids' parents. 

Basic plot

  • Lincoln wants to do something
  • His sisters get involved
  • Lincoln tries to find a solution to the problem on his own
  • His sisters make it worse causing humorous choas¬†
  • They all put aside their differences and help each other
  • Cut to all-purpose Full House-esque "we might be different, but we're still family and care about each other" ending.

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