The Lotus eaters - 'Ulysses' - James Joyce

9-10 am
'The Bath'
- Cabhorses, Soldiers, Watchers of Cricket, Eunichs - Lotuseaters
- Bloom - Ulysses
-- skin, genitals
Art/Science: CHEMISTRY

Bloom starts his Odyssee and absorbed in his thoughts he
wanders through Dublin. Most of the symbols you'll
be able to pick out easily: Henry Flower (Lotus-flowers)
, addiction (Gambling, even the Church), Oriental Tea Company,
the drug store. (Which reminds him to buy soap so he can have a bath: he has to attend a funeral).
This chapter also has the famous 'bloomism' on the Throw Away horse.
Some people say that the paper and the soap refer to
Ulysses's sword and shield.

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