I am not lying in the most uncomfortable bed I have even been in. That accolade is reserved for the bed I slept in last time I stayed here.

So, a quick description of my surroundings. Saying the walls are paper thin would probably be hyperbole. No, the walls are about 2cm thick, and made of the sort of unplastered chipboard you would find at a builders yard painted in a weird tone of off-white. The only furniture other than the bed is an ancient wardrobe (which for some reason contains a TV aeriel, but no TV), a 1990s chest of light veneered wooden drawers, sagging in the middle, and a minuscule radiator struggling to keep up with all the heat escaping through a gigantic secondary glass paneled door onto the veranda. We'll talk more about the veranda later.

The thinness of the walls isn't bothering me today. I think there's only one other person staying here tonight and unlike last visit I'm situated away from the unholy noise generated by the (shared) shower.

With the negatives out of the way, I'll definitely be coming back here. Firstly, the room was £21 a night, and that includes breakfast served in the wood paneled bar/ dining room.

Secondly, the LMRA clubhouse is situated right in the middle of the National Shooting Center, Bisley. For most people, that location is a little out of the way but for a shooter like myself it's the very best I could ask for.

And then we get back to that veranda. Last time I stayed here I didn't get a room backing onto the veranda, but this time I have to say it's absolutely lovely. Running all the way along the side of a beautiful colonial era wooden building, it's an absolutely wonderful place to sit in the shelter and watch the rain. Which is exactly what I'm doing now.

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