A series of short comedy films created by silent movie king Hal Roach, following the antics of a collection of neighborhood kids and their wacky misadventures. Also referred to as "Our Gang", the title of the original 1922 movie. In 1938 Roach sold the rights to the series to MGM, which continued to churn out the films (though these were of markedly inferior quality) until 1944. King World Features purchased the television rights to the Roach films, inserting a title card reading "The Little Rascals" before each picture; this led to the disuse of the "Our Gang" moniker as successive generations became acquainted with the shorts exclusively on TV.

Some of the best-known members of the gang:

Spanky (George McFarland)
Alfalfa (Carl Switzer)
Porky (Eugene Gordon Lee)
Darla Hood
Mickey Daniels
Buckwheat (William Thomas)
Jackie Condon
Jackie Cooper
Joe Cobb
Stymie (Matthew Beard)
Chubby (Norman Chaney)
Farina (Alan Hoskins)
Dickie Moore
Butch (Tommy Bond)
Mary Kornman
Shirley Jean Rickert
Ernie "Sunshine Sammy" Morrison
Mary Ann Jackson
Dorothy DeBorba
Harry Spear
Scotty Beckett
Wheezer (Robert Hutchins)
Breezy Brisbane (Kendall McComas)
Jerry Tucker
Jackie Taylor
Wally Albright
Waldo (Darwood Kaye)
Jay R. Smith
Jackie Davis
Johnny Downs
...and of course, Pete the Pup.

Thanks to Our Gang Online, http://www.ramseyltd.com/rascals/

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