The Literary Gothic is a website dedicated to preserving Gothic fiction. No, this doesn't mean fan stories about Marilyn Manson (like he's goth.. but that's another node), it refers to stories written from the mid 1700's to the 1950's. These include ghost stories, "classic" Gothic novels, and short stories.

The site is an absolute treasure trove of things to read. If you can't afford to buy books and can't leave the house to go to the library, then this site is a life saver. Heck, many of these stories can't even be found at a library or book store! There are a lot of stories available on the site or there are links pointing to other sites that have them, like Project Gutenberg. I have found quite a few new authors here to read, plus stories by authors that I already knew, like Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Lovecraft, and Poe.

Some of the authors you can find here include:

I can't describe this site in a way that does it justice. If you love Gothic fiction, you have to visit this site. You can find The Literary Gothic at

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