The Lazy Lady Lounge is the name often used for the warehouse space occupied by the wonderful May, who also operates a small used book store in the space.

This pleasantly appointed medium-sized cement room is located in the Oak Street Building, which long ago used to be a chicken abattoir, in Portland's inner southeast industrial area. Before being May's place, the space was the original location of Gracie's Bird Cage and Pinko's, the commie coffee copy shop.

May first began doing public events at the LLL with a wednesday night film series, "Cinema Mercredi", which eventually shifted to "Cinema Jeudi" (thursday). There have also been several other events there, such as acoustic music performances by underground luminaries like Colin Meloy, Rob Walmart, and The Little Wings, as well as a couple of plays.

(The Oak Street Building, officially not zoned for residence, is "home" and studio space for dozens of other artists and creative people.)

The exact coordinates of the Lazy Lady Lounge are: 425 se third #204, Portland, OR.

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