This expression is taken from a short screed written by Hunter S. Thompson in 1971. It was published in 1971 in Rolling Stone magazine, issue 90, and titled "Memo from the Sports Desk: The So-Called "Jesus Freak" Scare." HST wrote the diatribe under his pseudonym, Raoul Duke, and it is true to his normal form. It is a hate-filled, vitriolic three pages of hilarious bile which criticized the conservative evangelical Christian groups in the United States, and which contained such memorable quotes as the following:

A recent emergency survey of our field-sources indicates a firestorm of lunacy brewing on the neo-religious front.

During the next few months we will almost certainly be inundated, even swamped, by a nightmare-blizzard of schlock, gibberish, swill & psuedo-religious bullshit of every type and description.

And best of all ...

We expect the phone lines to be tied up almost constantly by hired and/or rabid Jesus Freaks attempting to get things like "Today's Prayer Message,", etc., into our editorial columns. Our policy will be not to reject these things: No, we will accept them. They will all be switched to a special automated phone-extension in the basement of the building. Yail Bloor, eminent theologist, has prepared a series of recorded replies for calls of this nature. Any callers who resist automation can leave their names & numbers so Inspector Bloor can return their calls and deal with them personally between the hours of 2 and 6 AM.

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