An extremely useful website for (ice) hockey enthusiasts. A wealth of information. Located at

Contains player stats for virtually every player who has ever played professional hockey, as well as many amateur players. This includes the NHL, but also minor leagues, college hockey, and even European hockey leagues. If you ever wanted to find stats of players on the 1982-1983 Blackpool Seagulls (for whatever crazy reason) of the British Hockey League, hockeydb has it.

In addition to player stats and team standings, hockeydb includes pick-by-pick NHL draft listings, a checklist of all known hockey trading cards, pictures of team logos (past and present), and various other hockey-related information.

All freely available (and a very handy place to start when doing a biographical hockey writeup)

The site was created and is run by Ralph Slate. It was created in 1995 and has been operating as a named domain since 1998 (according to the site).

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