The account of a man who, while visiting Berlin, purchased a secondhand book because the cover indicated that it was a history of some aspect of his family. Upon reading the book, however, he discovered that instead of the history he expected, the book contained photos and text regarding some sort of supernatural event involving several persons, possibly including Lee Harvey Oswald.

After making copies of various sections of the book to send to friends, Balder Orlik's home was broken into and the book was stolen.

The copies appear to be mainly photographs, featuring electric tentacles pulling a full grown man into a hole in the ceiling, chairs levitating and flying around the room, a woman hung with a handkerchief coming out of her nose, four lights (or demons, according to the text) possessing a woman, a man being struck by an "electrospasm" and leaping several feet into the air, persons as a group levitating a kitchen table and a one room search for the man previously pulled through the ceiling by the electric tentacles.

The text throughout makes reference to Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy, New World Order, Demons, Mediums, Mysterious persons who are never heard from again and Roswell.

The Incident is a hoax, or according to it's creator "An Artwork." Balder Orik, the creator, states that The Incident contains "references to The Roswell Incident, Lords of the round table, Nazism, Communism, Cold War Intelligence, Spiritism..., Christianity, The assassination of JFK, the New World Order..., Lars von Trier's movie "Epidemic"... and Yves Klein's photo "Yves Klein hurling himself into space" ..., and if you look even closer there are 2 pictures of me hidden somewhere in the pages.."

The creator reports that he still receives 10 to 20 e-mail messages a day in regards to this from people who still believe everything recounted within is real.

The Incident can be found at

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