The Horrors are a five-piece rock band, formed in Southend, Essex in the summer of 2005. The band's Goth-Garage-Horror sound is attributed mainly to the intricate guitar and organ riffs that mingle with rhythmic drum and bass. The distinctive Horrors guitar sound is created by guitar pedals which the guitarist, Joshua Von Grimm, builds himself.

The band has been criticized as being interested more in image than music, and were said to have a sound like 'nails on a chalk board mixed with a hangover and the fresh smell of a ripe fart' by NME magazine. Their low budget video for the single Sheena Is a Parasite, was banned from MTV in the United Kingdom for the use of strobe lighting. Vocalist Faris Badwan was attacked by the press for attacking a stranger for asking whether or not he was a man, and was caught in a brawl with audience members at a performance in a New York club. The band was also said to have fought with tour companions The Fratellis and The Automatic. Notwithstanding of this bad press, the band won acclaim from numerous critics in both the UK and US.

The band released an EP in October 2006 for only US release, their first release on CD. It contained five songs: Sheena is a Parasite, Jack The Ripper, Death At The Chapel, Crawdaddy Simone, and Excellent Choice, as well as the music video for 'Sheena'.

The band consists of:
Faris Rotter (Faris Badwan) - Vocals
Joshua Von Grimm (Joshua Hayward) - Fender Jaguar Guitar
Tomethy Furse (Tom Cowan) - Danelectro Longhorn Bass
Spider Webb (Rhys Webb) - Vox Continental Organ
Coffin Joe (Johnathan Spurgeon) - Drums

I confess that I don't know as much about this band as I would like. If you would like me to make any additions, don't hesitate to ask.

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