This is the 2nd Episode of Bio menace. Apogee no longer sells it. I think it qualifies as abandonware at this point. See: Episode 1 - Dr. Mangle's Lab

Level 1: Outer Woods
New Monsters Introduced: Purple round thingies with Teeth. (Anything can be effectively used.)
Laser Armed Bipedal Robot (Anything can be effectively used.)
Secrets: Gems can be found around the base of most trees.

Level 2: Main Corridor
New monsters introduced: Ceiling mounted Green conglomerations that drip acid (Machine gun and Laser gun are most effective)
Ceiling walking green thingies, which fall off when, walked under (Anything can be effectively used)
Killer Bees (Anything can be effectively used)
Secrets: 4th ceiling block from entrance contains a machine gun
On the 3rd floor down, the ceiling above the platform above the respawn marker is hollowed out.
Color Code: Blue, cyan, green, purple, and then red.
In the same room that the color code is found, the ceiling above the acid pit is hollowed out, and the upper left wall is a passage into the color code lock room.
The wall next to the blue shard lock is hollowed out.
In the room that's above the exit, the upper corner of the left wall is hollowed out, Secret level gem inside.
Note: The Secret level is a royal pain in the arse.

Level 3: Ant Caves
New Monsters introduced: Ants (Anything can be effectively used.)
Blue spiked Face-like things (Invulnerable)
Secrets: The entryway elevator shaft has bonuses at the top
Large hole below spiked platform is a door that leads to a free life
Under the second respawn marker is a bonus, fall into that left wall.
Color code: Cyan, red, purple, green, then blue.

Level 4: Ant Town
New monsters introduced: none
Secrets: The wall behind the starting point is hollow.
Fall onto platform below the starting point to reveal warp level gem

Level 5: The Queen
New monsters introduced: The Queen (Machine gun is most effective)
Nymphs (Machine gun is most effective)
Secrets: none

Level 6: Trash Dump
New Monsters Introduced: Pogo Robots (Everything is effective)

Garbage Robot (Harmless, but can push you into spikes. Everything is effective)
Secrets: none
Easter egg: Commander keen is the hostage, noted that Bio Menace also uses that engine.

Level 7: Trash Boss
New Monsters Introduced: Trash boss (Everything is effective)
Secrets: none
Easter egg: One of the items of garbage the Trash boss shoots out is a live chicken

Level 8: Electronics Lab
New Monsters introduced: Small, angry red bugs (Everything is effective)
Green, Red haired, bipedal Hominid (Anything can be effectively used.)
Secrets: Color code: Red, Purple, blue, green, then cyan
On the top level, in the room where there are 2 lockers to the left and right of a ladder, the left locker contains a free life.
Noted: This level turns you into a Green round thingy with teeth, (and blue spots)
The Green force field turns you into a round thingy
The purple force field turns you into a human.

Level 9: Genetics Lab
New monsters introduced: none
Secrets: In the second building, on the lowest floor, in the first locker from the left, there is a free life.

Level 10: Specimens Lab
New monsters introduced: none
Secrets: After placing red shard in lock, stand on top of the entryway. An elevator will allow you to access the rest of the level, including the ID / Apogee room, which contains free lives and the warp secret level gem.
Easter Eggs: The 3rd Specimen is a Yorp from commander keen 1

Level 11: Killer Pillers
New monsters introduced: Robot Caterpillars (Machine is effective, Laser gun is much more effective)
Secrets: none

Level 12: Enforcer
New Monsters introduced: The enforcer (Steals your grenades and uses them against you, Everything is effective)
Tank Robots (Machine guns, red grenades, and laser guns work best. Do not get touched by this monster)

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