An album by the Danish psychedelic trance project KoxBox. Released on Liquid Audio Sounds / NovaTekk in 2000.

The Great Unknown sounds less restless and fragmented than your average psytrance record, and is also definitely more subtle than the previous KoxBox releases. The album is very cleverly constructed, with tracks turning into different versions of other tracks on the album, along with skillfully crafted soundscapes with no misplaced-sounding elements to be found.
The record has been labeled as being very experimental. In this case, "experimental" most likely equals "not sounding like everything else in the genre".

Perhaps for these reasons, The Great Unknown is the only psychedelic trance album I have truly enjoyed. And yes, I've heard a big bunch of them.
In my opinion the album could be described as the Dark Side of the Moon of psytrance. Naturally all fans of the genre would strongly disagree and call me a heretic.
Whatever. I do recommend this album even to those who usually don't enjoy this sub-category of electronic music.


  1. Statement  (00:42)
  2. Go Fly a Kite  (07:55)
  3. The Great Unknown  (10:32)
  4. 6 Cells  (07:32)
  5. Crunchy Moles  (07:36)
  6. DJ Traveller  (00:26)
  7. Geomancer  (08:29)
  8. Lunar Bin  (11:04)
  9. Doppelgänger  (03:01)
  10. King of Jazz  (09:48)
More info including cover art and song samples can be found at Koxbox' website:

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