The Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco
By Jasper Fforde
Penguin Books, 2006

The Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco is was the fifth book in the Thursday Next series, taking place after Something Rotten and before First Among Sequels. Unfortunately, it was awful, and was remaindered within the first six months of publication.

Well, kind of. See, in the Thursday Next series, there is a Thursday Next series. After all, hers is a world that loves books, so when a low-level cop saves the world (twice) and wins a landmark croquet game, naturally people are going to write about it. Unfortunately, people in Thursday's world like sex and violence just as much as we do, and the novelizations were somewhat divergent from actual events. The Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco was the one book that the publishers allowed her to have some control over, and it was thus rather boring compared to the others in the series. It did not do well.

So here comes the tricky bit. Because it was deleted from Thursday Next's world, Jasper Fforde decided not to write it in our world. So while it still appears on some of his bibliographies, and some special features related to it still appear on his website, it does not and never did and never will exist in our world. This special state of existence is indicated by the title being struck through on bibliographies and other printed references.


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