The Great Allegheny Passage is a rails to trails path that starts roughly in Pittsburgh and meanders along to Cumberland, Maryland. This trail is comprised of several different trails

The Montour Trail
This is a trail runs from Groveton, PA to Clairton, PA. Groveton is Northwest of Pittsburgh, and the path travels counter-clockwise ending south of Pittsburgh in Clairton. There are only about 30 miles of completed pathway. There is a small area between McDonald,PA and Southland, PA that is as of yet unfinished.

Steel Valley Trail
The Steel Valley Trail is a short 5 mile trip that connects Clairton, PA and Sandcastle to McKeesport, PA.

Three Rivers Heritage Trail
The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is a 5 mile trip around Pittsburgh. This starts at Washington's Landing, the 40th Street Bridge, and loops around Point State Park and ends at the Waterfront District near Sandcastle. Being that is trail runs through Pittsburgh, there is sa lot of site seeing that can be done.

The Yough River Trail
This trail is almost completely isolated from the road, with the possible exception of an area in McKeesport, PA. This trail connects McKeesport to Confluence, PA. The majority of this trail is a steady uphill, going up the Youghiogheny River. Also, this trail runs almost entirely through the wooded areas of Western Pennsylvania. Personally, I think the Pennsylvania forests are magnificent. Perhaps the nicest part of the trail runs through Ohiopyle State Park. Anyhow, the total milage from McKeesport up to Confluence is roughly 72 miles.

Allegheny Highlands Trail
The Allegheny Highlands Trail is again another steady climb running from Confluence, PA to Cumberland, MD. Unfortunately, as of this summer, the section from Meyersdale, PA to Cumberland is not completed. In fact, the trail ends at the Salisbury Viaduct, which is about 2 miles out of Meyersdale. This 2 mile path have a lot of loose gravel and large rocks. This is difficult to bike over. The scenery in this trail is about the same as in the Yough River Trail, the Pennsylvania Forest. Also,this trail follows the Casselman River out of Confluence. The milage from Confluence to Meyersdale is roughly 30 miles. The milage to Cumberland is about 60 miles, thats 30 miles from Meyersdale to the Mason-Dixon line, and 30 miles to Cumberland. Once past the state line the elevation drops significantly. There is a climb up to the top of Mount Savage in Maryland, but the rest of the ride (about 20 miles) is downhill to Cumberland.

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