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The God of Abraham Praise
Words by: Daniel ben Judah Dayyan, 1400
Music by: Traditional Hebrew Melody

The God of Abraham Praise, All praised be his name,
Who was, and is, and is to be, For aye the same!
The one eternal God, Ete aught that now appears;
The First, the Last: beyond all thought His timeless years!

His spirit floweth free, High surging where it will;
In prophet's word he spoke of old, He speaketh still.
Established is his law, And changeless it shall stand,
Deep writ upon the human heart, On sea or land.

He hath eternal life implanted in the soul;
His love shall be our strength and stay while ages roll.
Praise to the living God! All praises be his name,
Who was, and is, and is tobe, For aye the same!


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