"How about this: The Girl with Two Breasts"


This is an episode of the British Comedy series Coupling. It revolves mostly around the attempts of Jeff to catch the eye of a pretty lady siting at a table in the bar.

Jeff, Steve, and Patrick are sitting on the usual couch, chatting. Jeff is looking at aforementioned pretty lady, and Steve and Patrick notice that she's glancing back at him! They encourage Jeff to go up and talk to her, and he says something to the extent of "No, I've almost passed the nudity buffer", which is followed by another long and hilarious explanation of Jeff's sexual terms. Somewhere in here Patrick brings up an idea for a porn flick he's had, in which a woman's boobs both have brains and go to war. Hilarity ensues.

Finally, Jeff gathers up the courage and goes up and explains to the woman that he collects the ears of pretty ladies. She just smiles. Its about this time that he notices that she doesn't speak a word of English, and lets off some steam by saying breasts sexual term several times. Meanwhile, back on the couch, Patrick is still playing with his "Breast wars" idea. Soon, the Pretty lady's friend/translator shows up, and explains that she's from Israel and only speaks Hebrew. They both leave right after this.

Cut to the next evening: They're back in the bar, with Patrick STILL trying to come up with a good name for his movie. The pretty lady is back too, and Jeff goes up to start a conversation with her. We get to see both sides of the conversation, with Jeff speaking English and the Lady speaking Hebrew, and then with Jeff speaking French and the Lady speaking English. In this, Jeff and the Lady get some things rather mixed up. When Jeff points to her, asking her name, she thinks he's pointing to her breasts and so tells him "Shadime"(anyone know the spelling for sure?). Then, when he tries to get her and her translator to come tomorrow so they can talk, she thinks he's trying to get a date with her translator. Then, she asks says "She can have you tomorrow, but since I'm going back in 2 days, come spend the night with me" and then tells him to meet her outside in five minutes and leaves. He has NO clue, and so goes back to talk with Steve and Patrick. She comes back in five minutes, and seeing him there she is obviously hurt.

The next evening: Jeff goes to the bar, finds the translator there, and asks "Where's Shadime?" She promptly punches him

A couple days later: The crew with the exception of Patrick is talking, and someone says something to the extent of "I hear they let Jeff out. What did he do in the first place?". Someone else responds "Well, they arrested him for running around the El-Al counter at the airport, yelling the girl's name."

Sources: BBC America, Coupling season one DVD, My own memory, and everything2 for reminding me the name of the airline

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