"The Gallery of Great People of Łódź" (Lodz City) is situated in Lodz City in Piotrkowska Street, the longest street in straight line inside the European city.

"The Gallery of Great People of Łódź” is a collection of sculptures presenting famous people connected with Łódź.

The whole "Gallery of Great People of Łódź" stands in Piotrkowska Street.

"The Gallery of Great People of Lodz" contains:

  1. “Tuwim’s Bench” (in Polish: "Ławeczka Tuwima"), a monument of a well - know poet, who was born in Łódź and who spent his childhood here. The monument was unveiled in 1999, in Piotrkowska Street near the City Hall of Łódź. It was the first sculpture and it started the initiative of “The Gallery of Great People of Łódź”.
  2. “Rubinstein’s Piano” (in Polish: "Fortepian Rubinsteina"), it was unveiled in 2000, it presents one of the world - famous pianists playing his piano. It is situated in the front of the tenement house where that well - known pianist was born and brought up.
  3. “Reymont’s Chest" (in Polish: "Kufer Reymonta"), it was unveiled in 2001,
  4. “The Creators of Industrial Łódź” (in Polish: "Twórcy Łodzi Przemysłowej") - monument that presents the greatest factory owners, to be more precise: Mr Grohman, Scheibler and Poznański, talking at the table. It was created in 2002.
  5. “Jaracz’s Chair” (in Polish: "Fotel Jaracza") was unveiled in June 2006 and is situated at the end of boardwalk of Piotrkowska Street, near to the Mickiewicz Avenue.
  6. "Lampman" (in Polish: "Lampiarz" or "Pomnik Lampiarza") was created in 2007.

I encourage everyone who is in Lodz City now or who will come here in the future, to take a picture in front of each of these beautiful sculptures / monuments!!!

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