Piotrkowska Street is the main and the best - known street in Lodz City (Lodz), the third biggest city in Poland.
Piotrkowska Street has the characteristic meridianal course and it is the longest commercial street running in a straight line in Europe.
The best - known street of the city came into existence in year 1823 in the place of the ancient route from Łęczyca to Piotrków Trybunalski.

Lodz City is the biggest Art Nouveau city in Poland and many of fascinating Art Nouveau buildings You can find at Piotrkowska Street.

Among really a lot of monuments situated nearby Piotrkowska Street, You will easily find historical treasures like for example:

    Liberty Square with the statue of Tadeusz Kosciuszko and sculptures (bas - reliefs) of famous scenes from his life. Here at Liberty Square, the Piotrkowska Street begins,
    Church of Holy Spirit, built between 1889 - 1892,
    Tenement house od David Sendrowicz from 1897, in 12 Piotrkowska Street,
    Metropolitan tenement house of Charles Scheibler built between 1880 and 1882, situated at the corner with 1 Adam Prochnik Street,
    Metropolitan tenement house of Herman Konstadt from 1885, in 53 Piotrkwska Street,
    Metropolitan tenement house of Alfred Gehlig from 1899,
    The House of the Joint-Stock Company of Ludwik Geyer in the neobaroque style,
    "House of Gutenberg" - old printing house and editorial office of " Lodzer Zeitung", built by John Petersilge in 86 Piotrkowska Street,
    Tenement house of Teodor Steigert in the neobaroque style in 90 Piotrkowska Street,
    Former Commercial House of Hugo Smechel and Julius Rosner in Piotrkowska Street No 100,
    Residential tenement house of Julius Kindermann built in 1907, currently the office of the Teacher's House,
    Metropolitan tenement house of Gustav and Alwina Schycht,
    Old neobaroque office of the Siemens conglomerate,
    Julius Heinzl Palace at 104 Piotrkowska Street, nowadays it serves as the City Hall of Lodz City,
    Metropolitan tenement house in 143 Piotrkowska Street, designed by David Lange and built in 1898, former seat of Krusche & Ender Cotton Plants from Pabianice,
    Palace of August Haertig located in 234/236 Piotrkowska Street,
    Building of the old Factory of the joint - stock company of Marcus Silberstein in 242/250 Piotrkowska Street,
    Palace of Robert Schweikert in 262 Piotrkowska Street,
    Palace of the Scheibler Family in 266 Piotrkowska Street,
    Saint Stanislaw Kostka Metropolitan Cathedral at 265 Piotrkowska Street,
    The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Piotrkowska Street nearby Saint Stanislaw Kostka Metropolitan Cathedral,
    The statue of Poope John Paul II in the front of Metropolitan Cathedral (The Poope visited Lodz on 13 th June 1987),
    Saint Matt's Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in 283 Piotrkowska Street,
    "White Factory" of Geyer in 282/284 Piotrkowska Street, presently the registered office of the Central Museum of the Textile Industry, and musuem of the Heritage Park of Wooden Architecture situated nearby,
    “The Monument of Łódź Dwellers at the Turn of Millennia”, formed by plates with names of people living in Łódź in this period, placed in Piotrkowska Street,

Being here and sightseeing the tourist attractions of Piotrkowska Street You can not forget to see “The Gallery of Great People of Łódź” - the collection of sculptures presenting famous people connected with Łódź. Many tourists take photos with their friends or children nearby these sculptures. "The Gallery of Great People of Łódź" contains:

  • “Tuwim’s Bench”,
  • “Rubinstein’s Piano”,
  • “Reymont’s Chest",
  • “The Creators of Industrial Łódź”,
  • “Jaracz’s Chair”,
  • "Lampman",
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