97lb 9oz
   Ideal Weight:
     128lb to 141lb

Ideal weight is based on your inputs:
  Female        Small Build
  5ft. 9in.	DOB: 08/11/80

   You are 30lb 7oz under your suggested ideal weight.

        - Diet/Fat Analysis
	- Biorhythm Outlook

I have four days to find my last piece of writing for the school litmag, and I struck out to find this slip of paper forgotten on the weight machine at the mall, to find this little gift left for me.

Somewhere out there is a twenty-two year old girl (a Leo), in her last year of college, who stopped in a momet of insecurity to test her weight for 50c;

I think I will call her Rebecca.

Rebecca, somewhere out there, is the voice of the modern world,
  screaming silently,
  struggling to fit in,
  wondering if what she's doing is right.

Rebecca, wherever and whoever she is, weighs three-quarters of what she medically ought to. Comparitively, that's what you'd weigh if society came up and lopped off your right leg at the waist:

She's crippled. She's a tall girl and she barely weighs as much as a seventh-grade kid. She probably crash dieted, Rebecca did, maybe against the will of her parents. She's spent college trying to figure out who she is and what her life is for, and somewhere in the equation she's been losing weight like mad.

Rebecca is struggling in the same way that you are struggling, that I am struggling. She doesn't know what she's supposed to be doing with her life, she's destroying herself, and instead of helping her, we're charging her an extra twenty-five cents for a biorhythm analysis.

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