For a good time, watch this ski and snowboard film. Released in the fall of 2001, The Flying Circus is Wind-up Films' third flick. It's thirty-five minutes of gap jumps, some backcountry lines, and a little bit of summer camp fun. You'll wish it had been released on DVD after the VHS tape goes bad from repeated viewings.

Appearances by:

Erik Roner
Chris Collins
Matt Collins
Phil Belanger
Tanner Hall
Jason Borgstede
Nick Mercon
Rick Greener
Forest Gladding
Timmy Carlson
Jamie Myers
David Benedek
Pat Howell
Jussi Oksanen
Kris Ostness
Mike Nick
Eric Pollard
Jon Olsson
Marc-Andre Belliveau
Andy Spotts
Sage Cattabriga
Chris Mineci
Jessica Sobolowski
Erik Hostetler
Chad Zurinskas
Jordan Judd
Chauncy Tanton
Heath Ordway
Marc Frank Montoya
Candide Thovex
Matt Carter
Rob Holmes
Rick Wroblewski
Mike Wilson
Matt Sterbenz
Kent Kreitler
Keir Dillon
Paul Cotter
Dash Longe
Phil Larose
CR Johnson


Ooioo, "Ah Yeah!"
Manu Chao, "La Vie A 2"
The Sensualists, "Dips & Peaks"
April March, "Deux Garcons Pour Une Fille"
Cibo Matto, "Working For Vacation"
Dar Williams, "Flinty Kind of Woman"
1,000 Mona Lisas, "Jet"
The Sensualists, "Ginger"
Iqu, "Kida Co-Coma"

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