So you are a science fiction fan, and read E2. It is obvious by now that you are among many other scifi fans here, but if you are looking for the elusive Farscape Project node, chronicling everything Farscape in anal detail you have come to the wrong place. Don’t feel sad, because though you wont find it here, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist (well, not at the moment anyways).

It was started in late November on the Save Farscape boards by a person named Adam L. Garcia, not long after it became known that Farscape would in fact return to TV, after a year of spurn by the evil witch-queen of Skiffy. Farscape will return in a four-hour miniseries (location and time to be announced) sometime in the next year or so (for more updates see

Adam wanted a complete detailed fan site, “A place where you can find out what the Luxan chase really is” he said. And he started asking for help. Though a few people, myself included, told him of the existence of E2 and how it worked, he didn’t think it was enough. Farscape was far beyond any other science fiction series and he was going to prove it. The Farscape Encyclopedia Project was born.

With SweetpeaAeryn as a co-editor, and taking submissions from fellow scapers who had already accumulated a lot of information, the project became bigger than he imagined, and now is coming closer to being another of the great internet distractions.

It is currently being processed and refined behind the scenes, as more and more submissions roll in, and even more to do. The current incarnation is at and the release date is February 15.

Update Feburary 06, 2005

Over a year later, the FEP is still running strong. Though Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was a wrap up of most of the hanging plot threads from the end of the TV show, the series still continues. With Brian Henson looking into films as the next step of the franchise, the fans remain loyal. Some believe that Farscape is over, while other continue spread their love of the show, bringing in new viewers, and hoping for more.

Is sadly still unfinished. Many entries have been filled, while others still needs work. In addition to encyclopedia portion, projects include an extended library of fan fiction, and a star map for the series. Submissions are always needed and welcome.

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