Gather 'round O Men, and try to pay attention. Herein lies the secret of...The Look.

The Look cannot be given by a man. This may seem unfair, but let's face it, we men don't have to eject something the size of a football through an opening the size of a lemon. The addition of this power is what the Universe calls Justice.

The Look can stop a person in their tracks, stun small children into obedience, and generally turn the average male into a sock puppet. I know, I have the button eyes to prove it.

Now, The Eye is just like the look, but with a huge dose of Chi slathered on top of it. The Vorpal version, if you like. Not all women can give The Eye. The horrible truth is that only the most desirable, smartest, and coolest women can do it. That perfect creature you have your sights on may very well be chock full of Power, so tread lightly.

The Eye is not only more powerful than The Look, but it can be used over the phone. It may be usable over E-Mail, but I'm not eager to find out. YOU try it, and if you are able, let me know how it worked out.

Let me give you some real examples of The Eye in action:

A cable repair guy told my friend's wife that he would be over at a certain time. Five hours later he showed up. He recieved The Eye and a verbal beating. He was in his thirties and he cried. This is a true story.

A salesman told my wife that the washing machine she just bought would be delivered in 3 days. She told him to check his stock because if he couldn't deliver she was going elsewhere. This was a clear warning sign. He didn't check. This was a clear sign that Darwin was right. On the third day, there was no machine. The wife called. The Eye was given. The next day a new washer was delivered. It was three (3!) models upgraded from the one we paid for. This is also a true story.

It is your duty to pass this lore to the next man you meet. May you live happily ever after...and not get caught doing it.

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