You know how it goes, your friends tell you you’re mad, your parents insist there was no such show, your brother says no, there wasn’t, to annoy you, but you KNOW you’re right and just need proof, so you turn to that fountain of knowledge eveything2, and yet there is no Dreamstone node, you try variants, still nothing. You give up, dejected, and decide that YOU must have been dreaming.

I did all of that, but then I found a very old videocassette, and played it, on it was a single episode. I knew I wasn’t mad, I was right.

The Dreamstone was a cartoon shown on Children’s ITV in the UK for a period of five years (1990-95). It concerned two principal heroes, their friends and one main villain.

The heroes were two noops named Rufus and Amberley. They are noops, noops are green, fury, cheery little cute people who dress in robin hood style clothes and have orange hair.

Rufus is a young noop who enjoys dreaming a little too much. His tendency to daydream instead of working gets him fired from many part-time jobs, until he finds a job that's perfect for him – the Dreammaker's assistant. Rufus is impulsive and a little clumsy, but very brave in times of trouble. He would protect the Dreamstone with his life.

Amberley isRufus's best friend. When we first meet Amberley, she's working as a delivery girl for the candle-maker Mr Wacks, but she eventually joins Rufus in working for the Dreammaker. Much more levelheaded than Rufus, Amberley has a sensible solution to many problems. She's also fearless in the face of danger, and is not averse to giving enemies a good kicking. Their friend is the blue robed dreammaker, a powerful wizard who is said to have been old when the stars were still young. Grand Highest of the mystical Council of Dreammakers, and the one responsible for Zordrak's banishment. The Dreammaker is also rather eccentric – for instance, he tends to float everywhere instead of walking, because it's "easier on the feet". His absent-mindedness belies an incredible wisdom. He also has a guard dogfish named Albert, who appeared in a dream one night and the Dreammaker liked him, so decided to make him real, he’s very loveable and funny.

There are also the Wuts, weird beings evolved from plants, they grow the bottles in which dreams are kept.

The main bad guy is Zordrack, he is The Lord of Nightmares. This huge, fearsome dragon-like monster is the Dreammaker's mortal enemy. Zordrak was once a dream-maker himself, but was banished into space for abusing his powers by turning dreams into nightmares. He has sworn to take revenge on the Dreammaker and put an end to pleasant dreams for good, by destroying the Dreamstone. He commands the Argorribles, basically living nightmares that are evil-looking pink mists which waft around tormenting people. Normally, they are kept at bay by the power of the Dreamstone

He has his helper soldiers, who are commanded by Sergent Blob, they are squat and have huge warty noses, and also need their sleep.

The episodes all followed much the same story line, Zordrack creates a dastardly plot tot destroy the dreamstone, but is foiled by the courageous antics of Rufus and Amberley. On one occasion Rusfus was turned to stone, but was brought back to life by Amberley’s tears. The show was however very funny, and incredibly entertaining to watch, it looked like a really strange dream that you might have, and certainly one you would enjoy

Anyway, I’m off now, I’ve got to work tomorrow, please feel free to node in more detail.

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