A novel written by Jon Hassler, a sequel to Rookery Blues, published in 1997. In this book, Hassler revisits the character of Leland Edwards, Professor of English at Rookery State (somewhere in northern Minnesota), twenty-five years after the events of the previous book. Leland has remained basically unchanged, despite marriage and divorce, the birth and death of a son, and his promotion to Dean of the college. He still lives with his mother, Lolly, whose popular radio show has been keeping the county entertained and informed for half a century.

The thread that ties the book together is the visit of world-famous New England poet Richard Falcon to Rookery State. Falcon is Leland's favorite poet and when the cantankerous old man arrives in Rookery, he becomes a potent father-figure to Leland. Leland is allowed to assist Falcon as he edits his final volume of biographical poetry, but this idyllic picture is marred by Falcon's offensive habits and his problems--including an IRS audit, a retarded grandson and a female stalker.

The rest of the book, in typical Hassler fashion, deals with the interactions of the characters. Leland must come to terms with the possibility of losing his aging mother while also reconciling his love for his ex-wife with his devotion to his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, he must keep his beloved Rookery State running until retiring President Zastrow can be replaced. This is just the sort of cozy novel that comfortable Midwestern (and other) readers love. Better yet, it's a fun, relaxing read.

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