There’s something in the way we walk together. There’s something in the way we move. We slink through the streets as if we were a part of them. We move through the alleys as if we own them. We are conquerors and we walk as such.

The moon has never looked this huge before. Its whiteness is overpowering and it blinds my eyes as if it were the sun. The moon has never looked this intimidating before, it scares me and will someday force me back into the dark of an underpowered building.

I can hear screams and yells seemingly targeting me. They are screams of repentance, yells and cries of shame and degradation telling me to get out of this dark hole and be like everyone else. I shame myself to think I would ever do such a thing.

For I am a creature of darkness, creature of the night. I know no shame and I know no guilt. My burden is the sadness that weighs down my shoulders, makes me hunch over, makes me ache until I awake bleary eyed completely anew until the fog rolls in and the night pushes me out of my den, my cave, my hole in the wall.

There are mysteries in this night waiting to be solved. Someday I will rise to power, the moon on one side, my ego on the other. Together we will solve this mystery of time, solve the mystery of the world and we will smite down all those who look down upon me.

Tonight the moon looks angry. I’m not sure what I did wrong to displease her, I’ve always done my best to bring her offerings… She knows I keep out of light – perhaps she is so bright tonight to punish me. I always thought that we were so close, but maybe she has found another soul to attach herself to, another soul to share herself with.

Curses! I can no longer hear her sweet singsong voice echoing in my ears, suffocating my brain, surrounding my very existence. Her voice, inescapable, has now disappeared from my mind.

“Oh sweet moon! You have saved me from death, surely many times. Since you seem to have left me for good on this night, let’s see if you will stop me this time.”

The creature moved mechanically, suddenly, slightly. He had a fowl look on his face, a look that many humans don’t ever make in their lifetimes. His back seemed to get heavier and heavier as he walked slowly, sullenly down the road. He wept like a child, but clearing his throat and shaking himself, tried his best to straighten out his back and look menacing. He must come off like the creature he is; no true colors must ever be shown.

The creature, stepping onto a bridge looked down at all the cars below him. They were all so fast, so beautiful, so enchanting in a way. He had only come to the city because the moon told him that he had a purpose there, a purpose he could not find and a purpose that was driving him insane thinking of.

Suddenly and without warning the creature leapt from the bridge. He spread his arms out, as if he were flying. Before he hit the ground he smiled, he knew it wouldn’t be long ‘til he was at home.

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