A bed of green veined marble that appears oddly blue, guards the recessed doorway of the Great Library of Fitzrovia. Years have not yet dulled the magnificent mosaic that most simply walk over without noticing, created from expertly cut slivers of alternating black and white marble is a chessboard, rooks stand at each corner to mark the cardinal directions and a black king marks the centre point. Surrounding all this is a five times twisted chequered band that sinuously circles a five pointed compass rose, much like those found on treasure maps, while further divisions of the compass diminish in size drawing the eye to the centre of the mosaic and that solitary monarch.

Also a member of the genus Rosa with five simple pinnate leaves and fewer thorns than most of its kin. A story is told that the muses gifted writers and romantics this rose so those in dire need of inspiration may seek solace. If a single freshly picked petal is floated gently upon still water it will spin towards true north, unless the diviner thinks of secret places, lost things or forgotten people then the petal will point to where a journey begins. Although exceptionally rare these plants are much sought after by gardeners the worlds over as much for pipe weed & fine teas as the strange divining properties.

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