An Indie Pop band from Chapel Hill, NC. Begun in 1998, they started as a joke band, a take of the "alt-country" bands that were so prevalent in the Chapel Hill music scene at the time. The band consists of Andy Herod on lead guitar(also the main songwriter) and lead vocals, John Harrison, on drums, drum machine, samplers and turntables, Maragret White playing bass and occasionally the violin and sometimes sharing the lead vox, and Nicole Gehweiler playing keyboards, who replaced Adam Price, who left the band to put full-time into his other band, the Mayflies USA. Relying on a wide variety of instrumentation, their 1999 debut, Wave to Make Friends, is sleepy, but not lethargic, indie pop. The more recent A Def Needle in Tomorrow offers a much stronger, guitar driven pop sensibility while still maintaining some flashes of the debut's "stoner pop" feel. Songs for the greatest hits collection include, Fainter, Victoria from the first album, and PA MAC, Sweet Sweet 69, and Tiger in the Tower from A Def Needle in Tomorrow.

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