The Cheap Detective, made in 1978, is a semi-sequel to the movie Murder by Death. Brought to you once again by director Robert Moore, and writer Neil Simon. The Cheap Detective is similar to the detective spoof presented in Murder by Death, but focuses on the noir detective. Peter Falk returns as a harboiled detective, this time as Sam Peckinpaugh.
Lou Peckinpaugh: I'm using rented bullets for my gun. We all got problems.
This movie is mainly a spoof of the movies by Humphrey Bogart, being a conglameration of The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca. Peter Falk is always quite enjoyable to watch, and he does an excellent job playing the normal(abnormal?) noir detective.

In San Francisco, 1940, a man is murdered. The man is Sam Peckinpaugh's partner, and the police suspect him, because he's been fooling around with his partner's wife.
Lou Peckinpaugh: Being a private eye may not be much, but we do have a code of honor. It's all right to fool around with your partner's wife, but once he's dead it makes it all so dirty. That's the way it is, angel. You marry yourself a nice guy, have a couple of swell kids. Once you're all set up and happy, maybe we can fool around again.
Around the same time, an old flame comes from France. A dame that walked out, and never came back. She's returned, with a husband, and she needs his help to escape the Nazis.
Marlene DuChard: Paul... are you sure we ought to be here?
Paul DuChard: There is nothing to worry about, my dear -- we're in England now!
Marlene DuChard: No, Paul. This is America.
Paul DuChard: Oh yes, America.
Marlene DuChard: We should've gone to a doctor, Paul. I'm not sure I got all that bullet out of your head.
Paul DuChard: Oh, chérie... It doesn't matter. It's the thought that counts.
A greasy man hires Sam to find gem-encrusted eggs, but he's not the only one that wants them. Another dame that can't decide what her name is, and a man named Blubber.
Jasper Blubber: We should leave separately. Makes more sense if I go first.
Lou Peckinpaugh: Why is that?
Jasper Blubber: Then I don't get stuck with the check.
A fun movie to watch for noir lovers, this is very much recommended to watchers of Murder by Death, as many of the same actors join the crew again.

See mystery, love, violence, and comedy in a nice 92 minute package.

Peter Falk - Lou Peckinpaugh
Ann-Margret - Jezebel Dezire
Eileen Brennan - Betty DeBoop
Sid Caesar - Ezra Dezire
Stockard Channing - Bess
James Coco - Marcel
Dom DeLuise - Pepe Damascus
Louise Fletcher - Marlene DuChard
John Houseman - Jasper Blubber
Madeline Kahn - Mrs. Montenegro
Fernando Lamas - Paul DuChard
Marsha Mason - Georgia Merkle
Phil Silvers - Hoppy
Abe Vigoda - Sergeant Rizzuto
Paul Williams - Boy
Nicol Williamson - Colonel Schlissel
Emory Bass - Butler
Carmine Caridi - Sergeant Crosseti
James Cromwell - Schnell
Scatman Crothers - Tinker
David Ogden Stiers - Captain
Vic Tayback - Lieutenant DiMaggio
Carole Wells - Hat Check Girl
John Calvin - Qvicker
Barry Michlin - Bandleader
Jonathan Banks - Cabbie
Lew Gallo - Cop
Lee McLaughlin - Fat Man
Zale Kessler - Courier
Jerry Ziman - Courier
Wally K. Berns - Floyd Merkle (as Wally Berns)
Bella Bruck - Scrub Woman
Henry Sutton - Desk Clerk
Maurice Marks - Doorman
Joe Ross - Michel
Dean Perry - Cab Driver
George Rondo - Cab Driver
Ronald L. Schwary - Cab Driver
Louis H. Kelly - Croupier #1
Charles Bastin - Croupier #2 (as Charles A. Bastin)
Armando Gonzales - Bartender
Gary L. Dyer - Man in Crusades Bar
Steven Fisher - Man in Crusades Bar
Laurie Hagen - Elegant Lady
Lee Menning - Elegant Lady
Nancy Warren - Elegant Lady
Nancy Marlowe Coyne - Lady of the Night
Lynn Griffis - Lady of the Night
Paula Friel - Military Wife
Sheila Sisco - Military Wife
Lauren Simon - Military Wife
Cindy Lang - Navy Wife
Tina Ritt - Army Wife
David Matthau - Military Man
Gary Alexander - Dancer
Michele Bernath - Dancer
George F. Simmons - Detective
Joree Sirianni - Cigarette Girl
Cornell Chulay - German Singer

Compiled through help from the IMDB.

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