"The Chained Coffin and Others" is a collection of short stories from Mike Mignola's Hellboy series. A great book to pick up whether you're utterly new to the series and just want a flavor of things to come, or a big fan who wants more glimpses of how Mignola takes known faerie tales and turns them into something more.

"The Chained Coffin..." contains:

  • "The Corpse", regarding the recovery of a kidnapped child, and the burial of a strangely resistant body,
  • "The Iron Shoes", a story of experts and redcaps and expediency,
  • "The Baba Yaga", about how Hellboy shoots out her eye,
  • "A Christmas Underground", which is sort of a Hellboy rendition of The Twelve Dancing Princesses,
  • "The Chained Coffin", a story of Hellboy's background,
  • "The Wolves of Saint August", a very cool werewolf story,
  • and "Almost Colossus", which you really have to see to understand, but which rather integral to the ongoing Hellboy storyline.

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