A term the Astronauts and NASA personel use to for Cape Canaveral.

Although it is popular belief, the Apollo Moon launches were not launched from The Cape. Launch Complex 39, where the Saturn V's were launched was in fact on the grounds of Kennedy Space Center and not Cape Canaveral Air Force base.

Although almost everyone referred to the whole Florida launch layout as "The Cape," the Deputy Director for Kennedy Space Center Management, wrote to a member of the Space Task Group in Houston to point out that Launch Complex 39 was situated entirely within the geographical boundaries of the entity known as the "Kennedy Space Center, NASA." Noting that the widespread use of "The Cape" was a nostalgic hearkening back to Mercury and Cape Canaveral, the Deputy nevertheless maintained that "NASA report writers ought not to confuse geographic proximity to the Cape as the same thing as being on it." However that may have been, the terminology "launched from the Cape . . ." continued to be used by the media.

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