A j-pop band that has enjoyed enviable success since mid-1998, they have a fresh, honest sound that I find really appealing.

Although they're obviously not old enough to called "classic", the Brilliant Green (BuriGuri or TBG to their fans) has created a pop/rock sound that really transcends eras. It's got a nice college rock feel to it that's vaguely continental as well as seeming somehow "relevant", if that makes any sense.

They have ten singles and two albums so far; both albums ("the brilliant green" debuted on September 19, 1998 and Terra 2001 came out just under a year later on September 8, 1999) are really good. "Terra 2001", interestingly, avoids the second album problem admirably.

Perhaps showing a trend in cutting-edge J-pop/rock, The Brilliant Green has almost as many songs in English as in Japanese, and not horribly broken English, either. The English songs on Terra 2001 all make sense and again, seem relevant. Vocalist Tomoko Kawase's accent seems charming rather than obtrusive; competent instrumentals by Ryo Matsui on guitar and Shunsaku Okada (who writes most of the music) complete this tight musical group.

Listeners looking for fresh-sounding pop music should not be put out by the Brilliant Green's nationality. Give 'em a try. Also the lead singer is incredibly beautiful.

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