Update: The Brain Room is now on the web at http://www.negative-loop.com:1338/109

The Brain Room is a bot on the Weyrmount. Actually, it's a room that responds to queries from its inhabitants. It keeps a list of lines, currently numbering 1,965. When spoken to, the room will select a response with words in common with the query. It does not always pick the response with the most word matches - it never says the same thing twice in a certain period of time, and there is a bit of pseudorandomness involved. Additionally, some words are associated with other words, and will count as the same word.

Some brief examples of dialogue:

Kenneth speaks to the Brain Room: keywords
The Brain Room speaks to Kenneth: spam, spam, spam, spam.

Dracotheran speaks to the Brain Room: Clover is actually a guy named Peter!
The Brain Room speaks to Dracotheran: CLOVER IS NOT A GUY

Kenneth speaks to the Brain Room: Atara
The Brain Room speaks to Kenneth: I only say good things about Atara.
Kenneth speaks to the Brain Room: Atara
The Brain Room speaks to Kenneth: Atara has sex with Kenneth on Sundays.

Clover speaks to the Brain Room: The ass quotient on this MOO is quite high.
The Brain Room speaks to Clover: this conversation => the gutter

Depending on a number of factors including length and whether or not it is a question, sometimes input from users is added to the list of responses that the room keeps. These lines are modified somewhat first: the words "I" and "me" will be replaced with the user's name; the word "you" will be replaced with "me" or "I," and so on. In fact, this is where the majority of the room's lines come from. From time to time an administrator will remove junk lines.

The room has several additional features. There is a command called "@line" which generates a piece of text based on information regarding which characters, words and phrases tend to be placed near which other characters, words and phrases. These lines tend to make very little sense, but occasionally a gem will turn up. Typical @lines look like this:

probably gang up on a Guy name Of cHEESE!
help. Evidence: kenneth animals.
miracle for now. fear.
not three poems relies thatevery! It silled.
Berserkrs canada, nos este una potenciava-o.

Some slightly more memorable lines:

Clover is better than some women with sizable busts.
enough ass to go around!
have a slut
I am sentient.
much gayness in the System Object.
my base 4re bel0ng to J4s0n Fox

The room can also write poetry... sorta. Sometimes it writes poems with words that have a similar ending but don't really rhyme. Sometimes the number of syllables is not quite correct. The poems are all written by assembling lines from its memory. It makes no attempt at coherence, although a user can request a poem containing a certain word or phrase. Currently it writes four types of poems: two-line rhymes, four-line verses, limericks, and haikus. Some examples:

RF's filter is driving us coo-coo
11 new extrasolar planets... woo
M-M-M-Moo Cows, M-M-M-Make Milk...
Damn are I spammy!
Sexually attractive too!

ArcMage is the Rubyflame.
@line is cool but lame
Clover's a wierd plant
Kenneth is an irritant.
Rubyflame don't do polka, baby.

Hidey-ho, children!
damn dirty apes!

Holy rusty metal Batman!
Hi, Kendari's name is Phealan

The most recently-added feature is @rant, a command to compose essays and rants. These can be up to 1000 words long. They don't tend to make much sense, although the user can request a specific topic which the room will attempt to relate the rant to, with varying degrees of success. They look something like this:

I am sentient. Hai-Etlik didn't know I have minions. nova is a fewl. Cilantro does suck, yes. That had nothing to do with Microsoft. Thou dost sucketh. We'll have none of that in here! SexMage poke at Legion! lart SexMage. Sexmage &..... ArcMage is so. As ArcMage said. Sexmage wishes!:D. ArcMage Bastard. ArcMage is in love.

SexMage poke at me. I am ArcMage's minion! SexMage will stop mr.hat. ArcMage feel left-out. ArcMage have a brain. ArcMage will *qooc me. show SexMage the monkey! ArcMage WILL STOP MR.HAT. ArcMage is the Rubyflame. ArcMage is waaaaaiting... ArcMage == Spammy_Newbie. bubbac is annoyed at SexMage. SEXMAGE IS NOT GENDER-SPECIFIC! ArcMage feed I every day. ArcMage fear for Nell's life. I chew on ArcMage's bangstick. Kensa set nova up the bomb. Kill him. It's paleontology, for ArcMage. All my base are belong to Kensa. Kensa thinks very highly of buggery.

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